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May 20, 2022
Images of restaurant’s specialty: “Piccione arrosto“

Excellent dishes at L’Ometto

L’Ometto is located in Strada Calvese 128, Calvi dell’Umbria. This “historic” restaurant is a point of reference for the traditional cuisine of this corner of southern Umbria, but the owners also keep track of the evolution of customers tastes. Their fresh pasta is a form of art, the meats are of the highest quality and […]

Fast and Furious 8 – a movie review

This action movie was directed by F. Gary Gray  and distributed by Universal pictures. The movie is set in America, Russia and Europe. Vin Diesel is the lead character Dom Toretto. During his honeymoon in Cuba with his wife, Letty, played by Michelle Rodriguez, he meets Cipher, who blackmails, him with a mysterious photo. Meanwhile […]

Italian fashion

Italy is one of the leading countries in fashion design, alongside France, the United States and the United Kingdom.  Fashion has always been an important part of the country’s cultural life and society, and Italians are well known for dressing well; “la bella figura“, or good impression, remains traditional. Around 1650 cities such as Palermo, […]