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October 19, 2021
Castel del Monte

Three days in Puglia

  From 10 to 13 April Narni school and Amelia school went on a school trip to Puglia.   The first day we visited Castel Del Monte. Castel Del Monte is situated in Puglia. Our well-informed tour guide explained the history of this castle to us.  Castel Del Monte is a fortress from the 13th century; […]



ACQUARIUS: Being careless will get you nowhere. Rather, you will  fail in a test. PISCES: Your kindness and sincerity will set you apart from classmates. ARIES: This is your lucky week! With Venus on your side, it will be easy to find true love. TAURUS: Your stubbornness will get you into an argument with a […]

Images of restaurant’s specialty: “Piccione arrosto“

Excellent dishes at L’Ometto

L’Ometto is located in Strada Calvese 128, Calvi dell’Umbria. This “historic” restaurant is a point of reference for the traditional cuisine of this corner of southern Umbria, but the owners also keep track of the evolution of customers tastes. Their fresh pasta is a form of art, the meats are of the highest quality and […]