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May 20, 2022
In the Valle de Vinales in Cuba the Mural de la Prehistoria is a work of art created by the artist Leovigildo González Morillo.

Graffiti – the border between art and vandalism

Graffiti itself is a form of art and can be beautiful to look at when on city walls. However, graffiti on trains, train station, buildings and ancient or modern architecture is unacceptable. So, why do young people make themselves guilty of graffiti? They do graffiti to immortalize their names or claim ownership of an area. […]

Images of restaurant’s specialty: “Piccione arrosto“

Excellent dishes at L’Ometto

L’Ometto is located in Strada Calvese 128, Calvi dell’Umbria. This “historic” restaurant is a point of reference for the traditional cuisine of this corner of southern Umbria, but the owners also keep track of the evolution of customers tastes. Their fresh pasta is a form of art, the meats are of the highest quality and […]