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June 15, 2021
Images of restaurant’s specialty: “Piccione arrosto“

Excellent dishes at L’Ometto

L’Ometto is located in Strada Calvese 128, Calvi dell’Umbria. This “historic” restaurant is a point of reference for the traditional cuisine of this corner of southern Umbria, but the owners also keep track of the evolution of customers tastes. Their fresh pasta is a form of art, the meats are of the highest quality and […]

Written by Anna Todd

After – a book review

Main characters -Theresa (Tessa) Young -Hardin Scott Plot Tessa Young is a plain, eighteen year old girl with a perfect average. About to go to college, she thinks she has everything under control, but her life changes when she meets Hardin Scott, a twenty year old Englishman angry with the world and covered with piercings […]