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May 20, 2022
A story with a message for families and teenagers

Qualcuno Con Cui Correre

In this book by David Grossman the main characters are Tamar, Shay, Asaaf and Dinka. We liked the chemistry between Dinka and Tamar because it shows the love and care of animals towards human beings. Asaaf works in an Animal shelter and he finds a dog called Dinka. From that point the adventure starts: Asaaf […]

we say stop to pollution

Ocean garbage – the price marine animals pay

Marine pollution: what is it? By marine pollution we mean the contamination and poisoning of the sea that covers most of our earth’s surface. The causes Plastic: In the last few years plastic production has increased at an alrmingrate. Alarge percentageof a plastic waste is often deposited in the waters of the sea. Plastic is […]