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October 19, 2021

Culinary Art In Italy

The kitchen has always been the mirror of Italian life and culture. Italian cuisine developed as early as the ancient Romans, with Greek, Arab, Byzantine and American influences. It is a simple and balanced cuisine, which relies on the quality of products, rather than quantity: many dishes require less than five ingredients. In Italy there […]

Bullies always need an audience – refuse to be that audience.

Bullying is not cool

Rochelle Pryor was a 14-year-old aboriginal girl from Australia who took own life because she was bullied.      Bullying and cyberbullying can happen to you or your friend.                                                          […]

A story with a message for families and teenagers

Qualcuno Con Cui Correre

In this book by David Grossman the main characters are Tamar, Shay, Asaaf and Dinka. We liked the chemistry between Dinka and Tamar because it shows the love and care of animals towards human beings. Asaaf works in an Animal shelter and he finds a dog called Dinka. From that point the adventure starts: Asaaf […]