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July 21, 2024


Authors: Virginia Saltalamacchia, Giulia Buratta Umbria is called “the Green Heart of Italy, a region in central Italy; it’s not very big compared to other regions of our peninsula, but boasts very beautiful places where you can totally relax and be in contact with nature. Umbria has many places to visit including the Marmore waterfalls […]


Autors: Jaskaran kauldhar, Norma Proietti Umbria, “the Green Heart of Italy”, is waiting for you. There are so many things to see and places to visit. The biggest cities in the region are Perugia and Terni, but there are also many other smaller towns to visit. Perugia has an important university that attracts many foreign […]

Why come to Umbria?

Authors:  Sara Martellino e Nicole Marcucci In Umbria, as in all of Italy, there are many things that attract tourists to the region. A famous aspect of Umbria is the cooking and the main dishes are: wild boar and roasted pigeon, truffles and cured meats from Norcia. Some well-known sweets are: Panpepato, which is a […]

The Best of Umbria!

Author: Valeria Bussolotti and Ilaria Lorenzoni Umbria is situated in the centre of the country and is called “the Green Heart of Italy” fot its lush vegetation. Its landscape is hilly, but also mountainous because of the Apennines, and the climate is mostly mild. Umbria is famous for its local produce, such as homemade pasta, […]

Promoting Amelia

Author: Sara Costantini Amelia is a peaceful little city in Umbria, where people can find a beautiful landscape, relaxing atmosphere, good food and a special welcome!! Certainly Amelia isn’t one of the most important cities in Italy, but this is its strength. Amelia can give you that feeling of “a typical Italian town” that other […]