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April 18, 2024

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Hello everyone! The Young People Say  wishes you a good reading, and hope you like this web journal created by our group. We tell you about the bullying, the culinary arts in Italy and much more. Leave a comment and let us know if you liked it. we hope you enjoyed it!

Castel del Monte

Three days in Puglia

  From 10 to 13 April Narni school and Amelia school went on a school trip to Puglia.   The first day we visited Castel Del Monte. Castel Del Monte is situated in Puglia. Our well-informed tour guide explained the history of this castle to us.  Castel Del Monte is a fortress from the 13th century; […]

Culinary Art In Italy

The kitchen has always been the mirror of Italian life and culture. Italian cuisine developed as early as the ancient Romans, with Greek, Arab, Byzantine and American influences. It is a simple and balanced cuisine, which relies on the quality of products, rather than quantity: many dishes require less than five ingredients. In Italy there […]

The Illusionist – a movie review

  Drama (2006): This film is about two young people in love: Sophie and Eisenheim. The setting is in Vienna. The two are forced to separate and Eisenheim dissapears. 15 years laters, during a show in Vienna where he shows his skills as illusionist, the pair meets again and their love is rekindled. However, the […]

Graffiti – a dangerous art

Graffiti can sometimes be art but it often is also dangerous. It is art when the artist creates something that conveys an important message and it is a crime when so-called artists write and draw in public places or squares. Graffiti can be a crime and a art For example, in some cities graffiti is […]