April 22, 2021

Graffiti – “making the world a more beautiful place”?

We believe graffiti is an art form. It expresses one’s own creativity through drawings and words


Many artists paint the walls of cities to make surrounding environments more beautiful. This creates livable and colorful  and imaginative elements in the world. These artists write names, phrases, poems, signatures and songs. They take inspiration from anything, any shape, any image. It is often random. They very inspired by the collaboration and the mixture of two different styles. They have a great time mixing their work with that of some colleague/friend in particular. They see it as an input both to achieve something new and to emphasize the originality of what they do.



We believe most graffiti artists are not vandals. However, we do not consider those who smear the walls with grammatical errors and signatures as artists. Graffiti is the way in which some young people express themselves in society. Art has always been a communication tool but as nobody listens to the youth, we have to find out own canvases.

Street art is the name given by the mass media to those forms of art that occur in public places, often illegally, using varies media: sprays, sticker, art, stencils, video projections, sculptures.


The major difference between street art and graffiti is found in  the technique, not necessarily linked to the use of spray paint and to the subject.We believe that laws must be respected! So if you want to create graffiti or murals, you have to ask permission from the town council and only if you have approval, you can do it. Then, go ahead and “make the world a more beautiful place!




                                                                                                                      Some people want to make the world a better place.

                                                                                                                      I just want to make the world a more beautiful place



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  1. alice says:

    I agree with this opinion: graffiti are not vandalism but they are useful to express your ideas and your fantasy. I would like to realize a graffiti someday in my small town to give more happiness and colors.

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