June 22, 2024

Avatar – a movie review

Can Jake save the planet Pandora?

Oscar for the best special effects and for the best scenography!

Director: James Cameron

Show time: 7:00 and 9:45 daily

Saturday Matinee at 5:00 pm at Politeama Cinema.


-The New York Times


-London Times

Science fiction (2009):

This movie is about a war veteran, Jake Sully, who was recruited for a mission on the planet Pandora with the aim of recovering natural resources extinct on Earth.

Unexpectedly, he finds himself wanting to protect the magical world to which he feels attracted.

In this movie, the costumes are beautiful and intricately created.

The characters are interpreted very well and they come across as realistic, because of exceptional special effects.

We recommend this movie for all sci-fi fans because the story is interesting  and compelling.


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