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October 19, 2021

Italian fashion

Italy is one of the leading countries in fashion design, alongside France, the United States and the United Kingdom.  Fashion has always been an important part of the country’s cultural life and society, and Italians are well known for dressing well; “la bella figura“, or good impression, remains traditional. Around 1650 cities such as Palermo, […]

The Illusionist – a movie review

  Drama (2006): This film is about two young people in love: Sophie and Eisenheim. The setting is in Vienna. The two are forced to separate and Eisenheim dissapears. 15 years laters, during a show in Vienna where he shows his skills as illusionist, the pair meets again and their love is rekindled. However, the […]

Graffiti often are social comments with clear messages

Graffiti – crime or culture?

Graffiti is a form of art which expresses different opinions, but very often it becomes a form of vandalism. Essentially, graffiti differs from country to country because it’s messages are social comments. There are several “legal printing” areas in many cities in the word, like London and Bristol. In San Juan, Puerto Rico, there is […]