May 29, 2024

Graffiti – a dangerous art

Graffiti can sometimes be art but it often is also dangerous. It is art when the artist creates something that conveys an important message and it is a crime when so-called artists write and draw in public places or squares.

Graffiti can be a crime and a art

For example, in some cities graffiti is considered art and there are specific walls where artists can write and draw.

 The dangers

Also keep in mind that aerosol paint is extremely dangerous, specially for children, because  it contains dangerous substances that are harmful to the planet. It is harmful for people to breathe the fumes from these cans.

The life of a graffiti artist

The life of a graffiti artist is mostly anonymous. Artists are recognized through their graffiti and often work  with many other artists in Europe and are known all over the world. One of the most important artists in Italy is known by his nickname, but no one knows who he really is, only that he comes from Senigallia.


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