July 21, 2024

After – a book review

Written by Anna Todd

Main characters

-Theresa (Tessa) Young

-Hardin Scott


Tessa Young is a plain, eighteen year old girl with a perfect average.

About to go to college, she thinks she has everything under control, but her life changes when she meets Hardin Scott, a twenty year old Englishman angry with the world and covered with piercings and tattoos. Initially they don’t like each other, but then they fall in love.


This book is recommended to people of every age, because the characters are very believable.

I started reading this book because it was recommended to me by some friends and I was fascinated by the plot. The story is very engaging and the characters are defined right away, which I liked very much.

                                       In the picture are: Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Josephin Langford

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  1. cosmina says:

    I read this book long time ago and I really liked it. The character Tessa represents me so much because she is shy , reserved, studious and funny like me. The story of this book is so interesting and romantic too. The character of Hardin is the type of bad boy that becomes serious for the love of Tessa. I suggest this book for all the teenager girls because it is so good.

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