March 4, 2024

Three days in Puglia

Castel del Monte


From 10 to 13 April Narni school and Amelia school went on a school trip to Puglia.


The first day we visited Castel Del Monte. Castel Del Monte is situated in Puglia. Our well-informed tour guide explained the history of this castle to us.  Castel Del Monte is a fortress from the 13th century; this castle was built in 1240 by Federico II and it was included in the list of  Italian national monuments in 1936.

On day two, we went to Alberobello and we saw the Trulli  with a man who told us their history and how the people live there. ( A Trullo is a type of conical construction in traditional dry stone from central-southern Puglia). He allowed us to go into his house to understand what life is like there. Then he had us taste the typical food of the area. We liked it, but we still prefer Umbrian dishes. After the visit, we had some free time to stroll around the town and buy some souvenirs.


On the third day , we visited Trani and Matera. Trani is a quiet town near the sea and there we saw the Cathedral of San Nicola Pellegrino. It is the main place of Catholic worship in the city of Trani, in Puglia. Matera is a very unusual but little known tourist destination. It is famous for its unique cave dwellings, known as the sassi.

In conclusion, we really loved visiting this amazing and very special little town. We enjoyed this school trip very much and we will always remember this beautiful places we visited.

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  1. cosmina says:

    I took part in this school vacation. I liked the place so much despite the fact that it was raining almost all the time. Alberobello was the location that I preferred beacause the Trulli are really beautiful and I am so happy that Trulli will be used as bed and breakfast, so a lot of people will visit this beautiful place. In this vacation I had a lot of fun because I was there with my class and also other classes from my school and from Amelia too.

  2. Elize says:

    Now I want to visit it, too!

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