January 27, 2021

Graffiti – the border between art and vandalism

In the Valle de Vinales in Cuba the Mural de la Prehistoria is a work of art created by the artist Leovigildo González Morillo.

Graffiti itself is a form of art and can be beautiful to look at when on city walls.

However, graffiti on trains, train station, buildings and ancient or modern architecture is unacceptable.

So, why do young people make themselves guilty of graffiti? They do graffiti to immortalize their names or claim ownership of an area. This is especially so in areas where gangs are active.

They also do graffiti to promote racial, religious or political slogans and to express their ideas.

But graffiti can be a dangerous hobby. It is harmful to the environment.

Governments spend millions of dollars every year cleaning graffiti off fences, underpasses, buildings and vehicles, so the artists will face heavy penalties when caught.

Other risks include having to rush because the police could come along at any time. That’s why so much of the city center graffiti is of such poor quality. However, artists are prepared to take these risks because they want their voices heard.

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  1. emanuela says:

    About graffiti I like how artists draw these pictures to give a real meaning to their masterpiece.
    Other times the artists draw on the public square, on public buildings or in some private place which is not a good action. I like graffiti made obviously in an abandoned place, for example, where these artists can express themselves as they wish.

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