December 3, 2022


Emanuele Baglioni Lorenzo Ananasso Sophia Ronga This year for our school trip we went to Matera. This city was chosen because it has been named the European capital of culture for 2019. In fact, Matera has changed from being a very poor city to a developed one thanks to tourism and investments by the government. […]

PON: a Student Project about Europe

Authors: Norma Proietti and Lucrezia Fanelli A few months ago we started a project called “PON”. It is divided into two parts: the Italian part, where we speak about the history and the arts of Amelia, and the English part, where we improve our vocabulary and work on grammar rules to create a blog. The […]

Our School Trip to Dublin

Authors: Rossini Verdiana, Stango Maria Antonietta, Saltalamacchia Virginia Every year, our school organises a language study abroad in a foreign city. Last year we went to Dublin; there were 28 of us, including students from first year to fourth year. We stayed with a host family for one week. Some host families were friendly and […]

Peer Education

Authors: Virginia Giuliani, Giulia Buratta. Peer education is a project where a group of students, usually made up of the oldest, chooses a topic, such as alcohol, drugs, sex, bullying, cyber bullying etc., and organizes meeting during which they share their experiences without feeling judged. During the meetings all teachers are absent from the classroom. […]


The New Finishing Exams

Authors: Valeria Bussolotti, Ilaria Lorenzoni. A few months ago the Minister of Education changed the final school exams. In past years students would prepare a topic and then discuss it in front of the commission. The exam commission could ask questions on any topic. There were three written tests: Italian, Business Administration and one general […]