December 3, 2022

A Film Review:”Her”

Drama, science fiction – 2013 “Her” is a recent film which is set in the near future and takes place in Los Angeles. Theodore, the protagonist, is a charming and complex man who, after divorcing his wife Catherine, becomes lonely and sad. Technology is so present in people’s lives that it replaces real people! This […]


One Choice For Your Future

Author: Ilaria Lorenzoni For many young graduates, after leaving exams, the time comes to confront the future and decide whether or not to continue studying. The choice between work and university is very important. The question is: What do you want to do when you grow up? You need to know what you want from […]


Our Life as Animators

Authors: Sara, Nicole e Rachele In  the summer, when school ends we work as animators. Animators organize various recreational and sporting activities for the children of the group who are 4-12 years old. We do this because we love to see children smile and build a rapport with them. We spend two weeks with them […]

About Us

In January we started a project, called “PON”. We are a group of twenty-two people. Some of us are from ITE and study Tourism or Business Administration and some of us study sciences at the ITT. The first part called “Amelia, culla di culture migranti”(Amelia, the birthplace of migrant culture) was in Italian; we did […]