December 3, 2022

Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy II

Authors: Harjot Kauldhar & Lucrezia Fanelli.

Guardians of the Galaxy II

Action & Fantasy, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy II is about superheroes who save the Galaxy and is based on the Marvel Comics. It was officially announced in 2014, before the theatrical release of the first film. The film is set in America. In this film, Chris Pratt, one of the important actors of film, goes in search of his father.

We love the acting in this film, particularly the funny parts. Bradley Cooper plays the role of Rocket, who is a raccoon and the captain of the spaceship. One of the funniest characters is Vin Disel as Baby Groot.

We think this is an ideal film for people who like action and fantasy stories. It’s a bit exaggerated in fantasy, but it’s very interesting and has great special effects.

Go and watch it soon!

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  1. kadie says:

    This isn’t usually the kind of genre I watch but with such big names I am intrigued…!

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