December 3, 2022

Promoting Amelia

Author: Sara Costantini

Amelia is a peaceful little city in Umbria, where people can find a beautiful landscape, relaxing atmosphere, good food and a special welcome!!

Certainly Amelia isn’t one of the most important cities in Italy, but this is its strength. Amelia can give you that feeling of “a typical Italian town” that other places can envy us for. It manages to combine the beauty of the environment, the cultural attractions and the local traditions in a unique way. This town can be both an interesting tourist destination and a place to live.

First of all, its history is quite an attraction; in fact, Amelia is the oldest town in Umbria, so there are a lot of things that are worth visiting. The most important monument, as well as the most obvious, are the polygonal walls, built by Romans, that surround the entire historical center. The Romans also left other traces of their occupation, such as ten underground cisterns which collected rain water to feed the town’s water supply. But Amelia continued to grow from an architectural point of view as well in the following years, and we can see this especially in the cathedral and the theatre. The cathedral is on the top of the hill and was built in the baroque style; inside you can find paintings, sculptures and especially important is the little column where the saint of Amelia was burned. The theatre maintains its seventeenth century structure, so it’s completely wooden, and is still used today for a lot of shows.

Amelia is a lovely place to live because in a town its size everybody knows everybody and it’s easier to have friends. And there is every type of house: from small apartments in the old town, to villas outside the city.

So… enjoy Amelia!

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  1. kadie says:

    Peaceful for sure! I’m very happy to be here for my second summer 🙂

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