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December 3, 2022

Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy II

Authors: Harjot Kauldhar & Lucrezia Fanelli. Guardians of the Galaxy II Action & Fantasy, 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy II is about superheroes who save the Galaxy and is based on the Marvel Comics. It was officially announced in 2014, before the theatrical release of the first film. The film is set in America. In […]



Emanuele Baglioni Lorenzo Ananasso Sophia Ronga This year for our school trip we went to Matera. This city was chosen because it has been named the European capital of culture for 2019. In fact, Matera has changed from being a very poor city to a developed one thanks to tourism and investments by the government. […]


Come to Umbria, why not?

Authors: Lorenzo Bernardini, Andrea Costa and Rachele Pavini If you want to have a great holiday you should come to Umbria. You should definitely visit this region because there is a lot of nature, silence and very little pollution. In Umbria you can find yourself. In fact, surrounded by nature you can forget all of […]


The Race for the Ring

Authors:   Harjot & Jaskaran Kauldhar and Lucrezia Fanelli. In Narni, every year, there is a traditional festival where many people go to have fun and enjoy themselves. This festival began in 1371 and is centered around the race for the ring, where many knights from different neighborhoods of Narni (for example Santa Maria, Mezzule […]

A Film Review:”Her”

Drama, science fiction – 2013 “Her” is a recent film which is set in the near future and takes place in Los Angeles. Theodore, the protagonist, is a charming and complex man who, after divorcing his wife Catherine, becomes lonely and sad. Technology is so present in people’s lives that it replaces real people! This […]