The Best of Umbria!

Author: Valeria Bussolotti and Ilaria Lorenzoni

Umbria is situated in the centre of the country and is called “the Green Heart of Italy” fot its lush vegetation. Its landscape is hilly, but also mountainous because of the Apennines, and the climate is mostly mild. Umbria is famous for its local produce, such as homemade pasta, boar meat and wild game, as well as for “panpepato”(a typical Christmas cake), truffles and cured meat from Norcia. The landscape and the climate allow us to cultivate quality grape vines and olive trees as well as various vegetables. The region favors animal breeding as the Umbrian landscape allows for it.

In the region there are two very important and famous events that take place in Perugia: “Eurochoccolate” and “Umbria Jazz”. “Eurochocolate” is a fair where you can eat the typical Perugian product famous all over the world: chocolate. In Perugia there is also a famous factory that produces “Baci Perugina”. For about ten days during the month of July, Perugia dedicates and embraces the best of Italian and international jazz with the event called “Umbria Jazz”.

We recommend to anyone who wants to eat, relax and have fun to come visit us!

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  1. kadie says:

    It really is a beautiful region…I’m so glad I chose it! I look forward to visiting both events as well as seeing some of the more remote areas of Umbria. And now that it is summer the landscape is even more inviting 🙂

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