December 3, 2022

Come to Umbria, why not?


Authors: Lorenzo Bernardini, Andrea Costa and Rachele Pavini

If you want to have a great holiday you should come to Umbria. You should definitely visit this region because there is a lot of nature, silence and very little pollution. In Umbria you can find yourself. In fact, surrounded by nature you can forget all of your daily problems and enjoy yourself. You can visit the Marmore waterfalls, lake Trasimeno and Terminillo mountain. There are also many wonderful monuments, like the Duomo of Orvieto and the cathedral of Assisi. Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Rita of Cascia were two figures who helped poor people in medieval times.

Umbria’s economy is based on agriculture, livestock and industry, like the steel factory in Terni and Perugina, a chocolate factory, in Perugia. Many tourists visit and they really enjoy it for the food, the culture, the landscape, the climate, the history and for the people who live there. Examples of typical food from Umbria are olive oil, wine, focaccia, tomato sauce, wild game, cured meats and black truffles.

If you come to Umbria you can relax in the green hills and enjoy some country living.


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  1. kadie says:

    Peaceful, relaxing and great food. What else could you ask for?! 🙂

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