May 30, 2024

Qualcuno Con Cui Correre

A story with a message for families and teenagers

In this book by David Grossman the main characters are Tamar, Shay, Asaaf and Dinka.

We liked the chemistry between Dinka and Tamar because it shows the love and care of animals towards human beings.

Asaaf works in an Animal shelter and he finds a dog called Dinka. From that point the adventure starts: Asaaf starts searching for Tamar, the owner of the dog.

The pace of the story is very slow, so it is not fun to read.

We liked the book because it is based on the true story of the writer.

Our favourite part of the book is when Asaaf and Dinka swims in a pond, because it shows the bond they have.

The scary part is when Shay and Tamar escape from Pessah.

This book teaches us the danger of drugs.

We recommend this book for teenagers with family problems.


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