June 15, 2021

War of the Worlds – a movie review

The poster advertising the movie

Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Produced by: Kathleen Kennedy and Collin Wilson



-The star


-Time Magazine

Science fiction, Action and Horror ( 2013): This movie is about Aliens from Mars who  attack  Planet Earth.

The humans initially are terrified of the invaders but soon they are provoked into war  to defend themselves.

We recommend this movie because it is interesting and the special effects seem very real.

The end is not what you  may expect!!!

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  1. Lorenzo says:

    The film is fantastic. The actors are very good. The Spielberg’s direction gives to the film a nice touch.
    About the review, I don’t like it too much, because it’s too short and does not explain well the plot.
    The reccomendation does not make me want to see the movie.

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