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December 5, 2023


ACQUARIUS: Being careless will get you nowhere. Rather, you will  fail in a test. PISCES: Your kindness and sincerity will set you apart from classmates. ARIES: This is your lucky week! With Venus on your side, it will be easy to find true love. TAURUS: Your stubbornness will get you into an argument with a […]

The poster advertising the movie

War of the Worlds – a movie review

Directed by: Steven Spielberg Produced by: Kathleen Kennedy and Collin Wilson Starring: TOM CRUISE and DAKOTA FANNING “Thrilling” -The star “Fantastic” -Time Magazine Science fiction, Action and Horror ( 2013): This movie is about Aliens from Mars who  attack  Planet Earth. The humans initially are terrified of the invaders but soon they are provoked into […]

Graffiti often are social comments with clear messages

Graffiti – crime or culture?

Graffiti is a form of art which expresses different opinions, but very often it becomes a form of vandalism. Essentially, graffiti differs from country to country because it’s messages are social comments. There are several “legal printing” areas in many cities in the word, like London and Bristol. In San Juan, Puerto Rico, there is […]

Can Jake save the planet Pandora?

Avatar – a movie review

Oscar for the best special effects and for the best scenography! Director: James Cameron Show time: 7:00 and 9:45 daily Saturday Matinee at 5:00 pm at Politeama Cinema. “Amazing” -The New York Times “Fantastic” -London Times Science fiction (2009): This movie is about a war veteran, Jake Sully, who was recruited for a mission on […]

A story with a message for families and teenagers

Qualcuno Con Cui Correre

In this book by David Grossman the main characters are Tamar, Shay, Asaaf and Dinka. We liked the chemistry between Dinka and Tamar because it shows the love and care of animals towards human beings. Asaaf works in an Animal shelter and he finds a dog called Dinka. From that point the adventure starts: Asaaf […]