April 22, 2021

La Fascina – quality food at affordable prices

Address Narni Scalo,

Via Tuderte, 139 (TR)


La Fascina is an artisan bakery well known in Narni Scalo for the quality of its products and for also being a restaurant that offers delicious  typical products close to home.


Quality of italics food and service  Patrons like to eat chips, hamburgers, bread and chocolate muffins.

When you go to La Facina, you know exactly what you want. La Fascina serves good coffee, too.

La Fascina is not expensive, for example the cost of coffee is 0,90 euro and a hamburger costs 3,50 euro. What most attracts people to come to La Fascina, is its atmosphere.

The place is very quiet and very welcoming and the staff treat  you as if you were at home.

If you want to lose yourself in Umbrian flavours, go to the restaurant and choose form a wide variety of salami, local cheese and, of course, the delicious pizza baked in a wood oven.

We higly reccommend  La Fascina, especially when you are in hurry, because they have some excellent fast food choices.


  • Chips 2,00 euro
  • Supplì 1,00/1,20 euro
  • Sandwich 4,20 euro
  • A croissant 0,90 euro
  • Plate of pasta 5,00/6,00 euro




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