July 21, 2024

Ocean garbage – the price marine animals pay

we say stop to pollution

Marine pollution: what is it?

By marine pollution we mean the contamination and poisoning of the sea that covers most of our earth’s surface.

The causes

Plastic: In the last few years plastic production has increased at an alrmingrate. Alarge percentageof a plastic waste is often deposited in the waters of the sea. Plastic is really harmful, especially for marine species that, mistaking it for food fragments, eat it and seriously risk suffocating to death.

What are the possible remedies for reducing the use of plastic?

Reduce: Opt for products with less packaging, fabric bags rechargeable batteries.

Reuse: Use glass instead of plastic.

Recycle: Deposit recycable materials in special bins.

Recover: Produce objects different from their original function, invent new uses

Oil: this is one of the main sources of water pollution, causing environmental disasters. Accidents often occur between oil tankers that pour a large quantity of oil into the sea, causing the death of marine animals.

Ports and refineries are a permanent cause of pollution, to which oil vessels also contribute. Furthermore, the waste water deriving from tank washing, often carried out near the coasts, represents an important source of oil pollution.

The effects of oil on living organisms differ from species to species. Toxic waste cause malformations and stanted growth in fish, the feathes growth . As well as of seabirds lose its  and water resistance insulating power and marine mammals often have skin inflammations, eye and brain injuries.

Industrial discharges In developing and unchecked countries, various substances are often dumped into the sea, such as sulphates, heavy metals and solvents.

Our opinion: We think that respecict the enviroment in which we live means having respect for all living beings with whom we share it. Everyone must enojoy the same natural wonders that characterize our world.

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