July 21, 2024

I’m fine

a drawing by Stella Perotti, ITE Narni


There is talk of bullying when someone tries to do harm to others in various ways, both with actions and words.

You may be bullied if someone:

1. Acts aggressively towards you

2. Insults you or makes you do things that you do not want to do, like taking your lunch money.

The bully wants to scare, to feel big and strong. He wants others to think he is powerful. In fact, the bully  is very often a person who is not comfortable with himself and others.

To stop this phenomenon you must talk to your parents to solve the problem. You can also talk to a teacher you trust.


If you see somebody being bullied, you should tell a teacher to stop it. We must help those in difficulty.

Bullying has negative effects on victims. Victims suffer from low self-esteem, despression and anxiety problems. In extreme cases, they commit suicide.

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  1. Federica says:

    I think that the bullying is a bad phenomenon.
    Nobody has to bully others because it isn’t a good action. There are different kinds of bullying :for example verbal bullying and physical bullying.
    Verbal bullying is worse because the words can hurt every teen who have other problem at home, at school, with his friends..
    Every kinds of bullying isn’t a good action and everyone who see somebody being bullied, should help him/her to stop it.

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