March 4, 2024

The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – a book review


The main characters are Dr. Jekyll, Utterson and Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is however, the same person. Yes, I like them, because they are interesting characters and they have strong personalities. They make me feel an integral character of the book.


Mr. Utterson, a lawyer, discovers that in the will of his friend Dr. Jekyll there appears the name of Edward Hyde, a mysterious and violent man.

Mr. Hyde is a small and deformed man, so Utterson is worried for his friend. At the beginning, Utterson thinks that Hyde threatens Jekyll, but it is not the case.

Time passes and Utterson forgets about Hyde, but one year later, there is a murder. The murdered man is Hyde, but nobody can find his body. It’s fun to read because we love blood.


Yes, we like the book because we have seen that in every person there are 2 personalities: a good and rational human and another one – wicked and sadistic. Our favorite part is when we discover that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is the same person.


We recommend this book because it is one of the most gripping and fascinating books we have ever read. It was impossible to put down, although it was a bit spooky.

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