May 29, 2024

Bullying is not cool

Bullies always need an audience – refuse to be that audience.

Rochelle Pryor was a 14-year-old aboriginal girl from Australia who took own life because she was bullied.     

Bullying and cyberbullying can happen to you or your friend.                                                                                                                        

People being bullied often feel powerless and alone or worry about what the bully might do next.

Bullying leads to anxiety or depression – it is different for everyone.

Why does bullying happen in schools? 


 If you’re good at something, you get more attention from teachers. This can attract negative attention from bullies.


You can also be ‘different’ because you are kind and polite, this is seen by the more ‘cocky kids’ as a weakness.


Disabled children are often bullied. This is an unfortunate problem of society, and kids can be very cruel.

How can it be prevented or stopped?

  • Stand up for people who you see are being bullied. Bullies often want an audience and approval from their peers.
  • Take action. See if you can start an anti-bullying club or prevention program at your school.
  • Talk to other kids. Try to learn more about where bullying happens at your school.
  • Talk to your teachers. Let adults at school know that you care about this topic.
  • Talk to your parents or guardians.

It is necessary that the grown-ups in a child’s life intervene rapidly before these guys grow up believing only in

physical superiority and arrogance.

Once they become adults they will not be able to respect laws their bosses or co-worker, or partners.

Nobody is born violent; no one is born a bully. So parents, schools and society in general are creating bullies. It is therefore also their responsibility to stop bullying.

Parents, schools and societies need to work together to educate children by teaching them the right values and morals so that this vile sickness of our time can be stopped and future generations of students can be saved from bullying.



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