December 1, 2021


Not only boys bully – girls are as guilty

“Courage is fire and bullying is smoke” Benjamin Disraeli, ex British Prime Minister

In my first year of middle school, kids taunted me and spit on me in hallways. It didn’t occur to me to tell my parents or teachers. Finally, when a group of 20 kids threatened to beat me up at the carwash one day, I told my older brother, who in turn informed my parents. My dad looked up my main tormentor’s phone number in the phone book and told her dad to make his daughter stop or he’d     contact the police. It worked. This is the story of Josh, an American teenager.

Why do bullies bully?                   

The reasons why teenagers are bullies are many: Firstly, bullies do not respect the rules!

Then there is the envy of the bully. Envy has always been one of the worst evils of society and some people would do anything to bring down those better than them in any way.

They should learn more values from when they were young.

Bullying and girls

There are different types of bullying and one of this is bullying girls.

Bullying among girls is different from bullying among boys: girls mostly use an indirect aggression, but this can be more painful. They ignore and isolate weaker class mates and also blackmail them.

This is psychological bullying, sometimes the victim does not know she is being violated.

What do we think?

Any form of bullying hurt not only the individual, but also the whole of society.

Bullies must be severely punished, otherwise they will not stop their behaviour.

The victims must speak out: speak to parents as well as and teachers, to resolve problems.

To prevent bullying, more should be done so such a awareness campaigns in schools.

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