December 1, 2021

PON: a Student Project about Europe

Authors: Norma Proietti and Lucrezia Fanelli

A few months ago we started a project called “PON”. It is divided into two parts: the Italian part, where we speak about the history and the arts of Amelia, and the English part, where we improve our vocabulary and work on grammar rules to create a blog.

The Italian part was a module of 30 hours in which we were divided into three groups, graphics, photography and writing in order to make ten billboards about different historical periods in Amelia (Roman, Middle Age, Baroque, Revival and the period of the two World Wars). During the first lesson we took a trip to Amelia to discover new aspects of the city that we didn’t know and we took photos of typical monuments and places (like the Duomo and Porta della Valle). At the end of the course we had an exhibition on the project called “Amelia, the Birthplace of Migrant Culture,” for the entire school.

The English part is a module of 60 hours and it’s still in progress. Lately we have been writing “perfect” stories (using present perfect and present continuous form) to add them to the website (blog). Here we treat about actual topics such as environment, social media and habits.

This project is free to students and is financed by the European Union. We have learned many things and we have had fun.

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  1. kadie says:

    I hope you enjoyed the second part of this project…I did and hope it continues next year! Until then, have a lovely summer Norma and Lucrezia!

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