April 22, 2021

Environmental Problems

Authors: Virginia Saltalamacchia, Giulia Buratta

In the last few years, our planet has suffered many changes because of the greenhouse effect which causes the melting of the glaciers, which in turn causes the sea levels to rise.

Other problems are caused by air pollution due to the presence of harmful gases. Another problem has been created by the large quantity of plastic present in the seas which causes the death of many animals like fish and sea turtles.

Climate change causes the extinction of many animals such as polar bears.

To safeguard our planet we must reduce pollution and limit our ecological footprint. SAVE OUR PLANET!

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  1. kadie says:

    Recently I have been very happy to see a number of initiatives in Italy dedicated to gathering plastic from beaches and using fewer synthetic materials in general. It is up to us and it is now or never!!

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